We’re really proud of the hard work and whole-team dedication that went into pulling off our first ever client day last month. One of our proudest achievements from the day was the eCommerce Essentials Guide we gave to all the event attendees and we’re excited to give you a little sneak preview of it!

It’s packed full of actionable insights to help you boost your eCommerce store sales, so it’s well worth checking it out. Here’s what you can expect…

Aim Of The eCommerce Essentials Guide

Focusing on the idea of an ”aggregation of marginal gains” a term coined by Former British Cycling Performance Director Sir Dave Brailsford, it’s an idea that captures the belief that by improving every area related to cycling by just 1%, those small gains would add up to make a remarkable improvement.

At iWeb, we think the same principle can be applied to any eCommerce website. Forget perfection and focus on progression, that’s the mantra that lies at the heart of our eCommerce Essentials Guide. In summary, we wanted a guide that would:

  1. Ensure you’re doing everything within your power to maximise sales
  2. Provide a checklist of actionable insights that can help you drive more value to your eCommerce business

What To Expect From The eCommerce Essentials Guide

Our eCommerce Essentials Guide features 17 key themes, we’re sure we’ve covered all the eCommerce basics for you and your business to benefit from.

Main Content Sections

1. Content and design

What to display and where to display it. This section addresses CTA’s, professional imagery, blog content and Progressive Web Apps.

2. Product data

Understanding why providing clear and concise product information helps attract customers to your products is important. We look at how a PIM system, product imagery & product video can assist.

3. Machine learning, Personalisation and AI

Machine learning is set to revolutionise the world of eCommerce, we investigate the opportunities around personalised recommendations, segmentation and voice search.

eCommerce Essentials Guide | iWeb

4. Sales and promotions

Discover the pros and cons of discount codes & vouchers, sales and seasonal promos to boost your eCommerce sales.

5. Site search

Did you know people who use site search are more likely to purchase? We explore all the great features of site search and how it could help your business.

6. Customer reviews and testimonials

Seeking out online reviews has become such a standard part of the buying process for shoppers. We examine how reviews and recommendations can instil buyer confidence in your business.

7. Customer service

Why providing first–class customer service is crucial and how you can implement it.

8. Checkout

Don’t bore your customers with an endless checkout process, how you can streamline yours?

9. Delivery

Customers hate surprises at the checkout. Learn how to do delivery the right way with customers convenience at the core.

10. Payment methods

Is your business clued up on all the new payment opportunities? Check out payment recommendations and see what suits your business.

11. Email

Email remains the most effective way of communicating to your leads, we take you through our email marketing recommendations.

12. Conversion rate optimisation

Are you doing enough to convert your site traffic? We offer our recommendations on what you can do to improve.

13. Search engine optimisation

Get your site seen by the right people by thinking about on-page and off-page SEO.

14. Paid search

With more and more shopping taking place online, the major advertising platforms are giving increasing real estate to retail–related ads, it’s time to take advantage.

15. Social

eCommerce Essentials Guide | iWeb

Get your customers to be your brand advocates and execute your social media strategy right.

16. Reporting

Make smart, data-informed decisions that’ll to benefit your business with proper reporting tools.

17. B2B

Customers now demand B2C equivalent quality of website design and functionality. We take you through our recommendations on how to get your site up to scratch.

Sounds good – where do I get one?

In summary, it’s all about trial and error, small adjustments and finding a combination that works for you, no business is the same. Never stop experimenting!

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a copy of our eCommerce Essentials Guide, then you can download one for free:

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