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Fully customised Magento experience.

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247 Blinds' mission is to delivery uncompromising quality at unbeatable prices: they have the most comprehensive online range of blinds available in the UK.

To find a way to convey the sheer choice available to visiting customers, and still keep the site feeling responsive and snappy, we built custom infinite scrolling pages with product lists and categories: instead of clicking between pages to see the whole range, it loads all the products as you scroll down.

As the sales from their site have grown, 247 Blinds have expanded into new markets and territories, using Magento multi-site to launch in Ireland, as well as independent sites in France and the Netherlands.

  • Sites for specific countries and product ranges
  • Free samples cart
  • A fully customised product data integration
  • Seamless order management delivery with back office
  • One page infinite scroll offering endless choice
  • Amazon Payments
  • One Step checkout
  • Fast track delivery options on checkout
  • Secure Trading integration for web and telephone orders, localised in several languages
  • Challenging responsive design that lets a visitor custom-order their products on any device
  • Custom sorting algorithm based on colour and range seniority that offers full control over how every product and range is displayed to the user
  • Specialised pricing for variable size products sold by area



"A good team who know their stuff. We are a very demanding and challenging client and iWeb have risen to that challenge and consistently delivered the end product we wanted. They have a good team and and they know their stuff."

David Maher


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Product Listing

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Product Detail

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